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April 18, 2011

Carbo Loading

Happy Marathon Day!

Remember these?

I jumped right out of bed when I remembered I had some in the freezer. Topped with1/2 cup  plain lowfat lactose-free yogurt, 3/4 cup frozen raspberries (heated in the mic for about 1 min), handful toasted walnuts (heated in the mic for 1 minute), teaspoon chia seeds. House blend to the right!

Not quite as tasty as fresh pampakes but pretty close (and a lot less mess =)).

I absolutely love warm berries on pancakes (and waffles…and french toast…and all alone). A zillion times better than maple syrup…well, maybe not a zillion, but a good alternative!

It occured to be this morning that all of this Marathon Monday talk might be a bit confusing for non-Massachusetts readers. Do I even have readers in other states? It’s a nice thought =)

Today is Patriots’ Day in Mass., which is a bit of a made-up holiday and an excuse to be out in the April sunshine. Today is much better known as the most exciting day of the year!  The Boston Marathon! and a mid-day Sox game.

Heading out the door soon to meet up with a friend. The little boy she cares for will be seeing his first race and I’m pretty sure the wheelchair race will be the most thrilling moment of his life.

I have a friend who ran the Annecy, France marathon YESTERDAY and took the overnight flight to run Boston today. We’re rooting for you, bud!

I’m hearing rumors that there’s a tailwind…go Kara, Ryan, Joan and everyone else!

Hope y’all ate your carbs 😉