Chilled Vegan Double Chocolate Torte

A chewy, chocolatey, cookie-like crust smothered in a thick, deep dark chocolate pudding, chilled to perfection.

Sounds heavenly, right?

Oh, and it’s vegan. I practically squealed with excitement when I came across this recipe.

This week’s heat made baking seem like punishment. A dear co-worker’s birthday is tomorrow, though, and she deserved a delicious surprise at lunchtime today more than just about anyone I know.

Angela, you are brilliant. I jumped at the chance to make her no-bake version of this double chocolate torte (anything to keep that oven turned OFF) but I don’t have a food processor and worried about the integrity of the crust. I risked melting into my kitchen floor when I made her baked version but it was well worth the sweat and tears (er…really just more sweat).

Angela believes in eating only real food (she even steers clear of tofu and tempeh for the most part). Using avocado as a thickener in the topping of the torte not only works magnificently but also makes me wonder why we’ve never thought of this before. I will say that the flavor of the avocado cannot be completely masked and is quite strong at room temperature. Out of the freezer, however, any trace of avocado disappears and is replaced by lush, creamy dark chocolate.

I followed Angela’s recipe almost exactly so if you’re looking to dig in to this baby (which every single one of you should be), check out her recipe on Oh She Glows.

Just a few recipe notes…

I did not have any spelt flour on hand for the crust and used whole wheat instead in the same proportions.

Safflower oil instead of canola worked perfectly.

I found 3 medium avocados to be more than enough to fill 2 cups.

Corn starch in place of arrow root powder – just fine!

Feel free to use any type of milk you like – non-dairy milk keeps this recipe vegan.





One Comment to “Chilled Vegan Double Chocolate Torte”

  1. can’t wait to try this one!

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