Things I’m Loving Right Now

What is a food blogger to do when she hasn’t cooked/baked/grilled/sauted squat that’s worth writing about in days? Make a favorites list, of course. Just because I’m not cooking doesn’t mean I’m not living! And eating!

Have you met Joy?

If you’ve read happyaspie, you’ve seen these. That’s all Joy.

You know you want to meet her now.

I’m loving her Joy the Baker Podcast a whole lot. A WHOLE LOT. Like so much so that I put down my Metro crossword while riding the bus to stare out the window and just listen. Just go download it, k? Please? Oh, and Tracy is pretty great, too.

What else am I loving?

Foam rolling. Big time. It hurts so much that it makes me cry. Well, not cry, but break out in a cold sweat? Absolutely.


That’s not me. She is way too calm. Maybe her IT bands are loosey goosey and free? From posing for foam rolling photos so often? Probably.

I’ve been on a vegan baking kick lately. Well, not really baking vegan goodies so much as reading about baking vegan goodies. A lot.

I’m starting to think that checking out 6 cookbooks from the library at a time will be my new arm workout. I carry them home, read them like bedtime stories, and then lug them back without ever so much as cracking an egg.

Er, a vegan flax egg…

My cookbooks haven’t been much help in the kitchen (by no fault of their own) but I do plan on making these. Or maybe these.

The Jimmy Fund’s Scooper Bowl is this week. Maybe eating my body weight in ice cream for dinner will inspire a brilliant blog post?

More likely it will just inspire a stomach ache.

Stomachache? Stomach ache? One or two? One looks like a fantastic Mexican dish. Two looks like proper English.

I’ll take the Mexican, please.


One Comment to “Things I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. Hi Em:

    Love the cupcake. Ouch! The rolling looks painful.

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