All Pigs Go to Heaven

I made the mistake of trying to run errands after work today.

Big, big mistake.

Traffic. Red lights. Crazy pedestrians. Rain. Headache. Starving.

I was a total bear. Do you get like this, too? You’re absolutely beyond starving and suddenly turn into the Queen Bee of queens? I finally had to shake my head to stop the endless stream of “she can’t possibly think that coat looks good”, “that’s fine, move at a glacial pace toward a green light”, “we’re not making friends here! you don’t have to let everybody in!”.

I swear I’m a very nice person.

After making it through the madness to the library, I realized I would be heading right by When Pigs Fly bakery. I could practically smell the baby spinach and garlic ciabatta from across the street. I didn’t have my Nikon with me or else I would have been snapping mad photos of rack after luscious rack of fresh bread in every imagineable flavor. Best part of this bakery? There are always samples. Oh, and you can ask to try whatever you want 😉

I tried all 4 samples. A rosemary and garlic oil ciabatta, whole wheat honey apricot raisin, and two that didn’t really stick in my mind. I snuck seconds of the apricot. Unbelievable. I’m certain it would make fabulous French toast.

I ate the butt of the bread while sitting in more traffic on my way home and it hit me – an omelet would be this bread’s best friend.

A two egg omelet filled with sauteed green and orange pepper and onion with about a tablespoon of shredded sharp cheddar. I love my eggs loaded with pepper – you can even see the flecks! Two small pieces of baby spinach and garlic ciabatta and a heaping pile o’ kale chips. Dollops of Trader Joe’s ketchup, of course =)

I tried to show off for my empty kitchen and make my omelet like a French master….it kinda sorta worked out. I cheated but it came out just how I like it in the end. Omelets should nevery be tough and chewy, always soft and pillowy.

Time to catch up on some shows. Yeah, yeah, I know. “Never watch TV during the week.” Some days are just like that!

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One Comment to “All Pigs Go to Heaven”

  1. I loved this! I can totally “relate” to the whole story. Nice to know we can figure it all out. Oh, and the food looks great too!

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