A Day in the Life…Day Three!

Evening! I got home thinking it must be close to midnight…nope, only 8:30. And there is a mysterious garbage stank to be dealt with (or maybe not so mysterious since it’s probably…dun dun dun…the garbage).

Here we are. Day three of “A Day in the Life”. Did you check out Days One and Due? I suppose I could keep going but by the end of the week, between class and running low on groceries and dipping energy levels, eh. I’ll think of more interesting things to keep us both entertained.

I’ve really enjoyed keeping a log of my meals (shh, it’s not dorky. really.) and I think I could be this type of blogger if not for that whole full time job thing, you know? I really do put a lot of thought into nearly all of my meals and nibbles (and even the less thoughtful ones are still mulled over for a bit!) and seeing them come to fruition on HAP is oddly rewarding.I pride myself on being a devotee of Michael Pollan ‘s – you know, the “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” guy? That really smart, supercool real foodie guy?

It’s been nice to see that I really do eat as I believe most of the time. I hope I’ve made Michael proud 😉 These last few days actually contained all the meat that I’ll eat for the week, I can imagine – I’m super selective about the meat I buy (and try to be picky when I’m out and about). Many of my meals are vegan and most days are vegetarian. Nothing wrong with “conscious” meat (it’s delicious and my body loves it, it has told me so many a time…we could never part). It’s just good to get variety and explore alllll that this delicious planet has to offer.

Today’s Breakfast

Time: 5:20am. Yup, you read that right. I planned a strength training session for today’s workout so not only did I know eating beforehand wouldn’t make me sick but also that I needed to eat first. There is a huge difference in my strength and stamina when it comes to lifting on an empty stomach and lifting when I’ve recently fueled up.

Reheated banana flax oats! Made ’em last night and heated them in the mic this morning with a splash of almond milk. TJ’s Sunflower buttah on top with unsweeted shredded coconut, a sprinkle of Whofie’s Save the Rain Forest Granola, and a bit of Polaner’s raspberry fruit spread. Reheated oats are…a’ight. The flavor is mostly there but the texture is, well, crappy. They tend to clump and the creaminess is no where to be found. Maybe I’m just not reheating properly? It’s a bit much to ask before 6am, I’d say. Still tasty, though! House Blend to the right.

Snacky Snack

Kind of a lame excuse for second breakfast, if you ask me. I found these lactose-free yogurts at Whofie last summer and love them! Too expensive to get every week but definitely a nice treat. I totally forgot toppings, though, hence the lame award. I also had to eat it very early (8:30) since breakfast had occurred at such a dark and early hour.


Today’s lunch threated to be the culinary disaster of the year in my office. Remember these? Wellll, I practically squealed with excitement when I remembered I had two left in the freezer and threw one into my lunch bag for today. Mixed green salad on the side, of course, with various chopped veggies.

Back to the burger, though. While transferring my lunch to the fridge I realized that my burger had thawed…into an uncooked softened blob that was only staying intact due to the restrictive wonders of Saran wrap. DUH. This was an UNCOOKED BURGER. How the heck was I supposed to salvage this mess?!

All I can say is thank goodness for a microwave and a piece o’ crapola toaster oven. Between heating in the mic and toasting for about 7 hours on top of a tinfoil “plate”, I managed to make a delicious lunch. Crisis averted!

On the side, since no meal is complete without some grains…

Crunchy and sweet for dessert.

Tea Time

I brought celery sticks and hummus to deal with the afternoon hangry monster but when 4:00 came, that snack was totally unappealing. I headed to the bakery up the street for a Chai tea (not the latte…the tea bag) and a multigrain roll!

Ahh. If not for the school reading I had to get done, this would have been perfetto. Nothing could ruin this roll, though! Soft and doughy, nuttiness from the different grains, crunch from the various seeds. I was really tempted to go with a cookie or muffin since they are all made in-house from real food and are terribly scrumptious BUT I knew I didn’t need the sugar.



So. Damn. Good.

I had a square of dark chocolate when I got home and a few cinnamon roasted brown sugar pecans (which sound better than they really are…I hate pecans).

This lady needs to hit the hay. 6am spinning class tomorrow. Yay? Catch y’all on Friday, I assume. Thursdays are crazy busy!

Happy almost TGIF…how’s that optimistic for ya? 😉


2 Responses to “A Day in the Life…Day Three!”

  1. Good Morning! Fun read.


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